Gangsters and Ghosts Tour

NYC Gangsters & Ghosts Tour

Discover the Dark and Thrilling Side of NYC’s History with Our In-Depth Gangster Tour – Follow in the Footsteps of Infamous Mobsters like Lucky Luciano, John Gotti, and the Gambino Family. Visit Crime Scenes and Legendary Spots Immortalized in History Books, and Experience New York’s True Crime Past Brought to Life by Our Expert Guides. Book Your Tour Now and Explore the City’s Infamous Underbelly.

2 Tours in 1!

Three tours run daily at 11 AM, 3PM, and 8 PM.Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Our Unique 2-in-1 Tour of NYC’s Ghosts and Gangsters – Explore the City’s Infamous History from Their Perspective! Our Two-Hour Guided Tour Takes You Through Iconic Neighborhoods like The Five Points, Chinatown, and Little Italy – Immersing You in the World of Gangsters and Their Haunted Legacies. The Tour Culminates at Washington Square Park, Passing Through the Haunted Old Mansions of the West Village. Book Your Unforgettable Tour Today


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NYC’s Gangster History

New York City is known worldwide for a colorful gangster past, starting during the 1920s and 30s with murder and mayhem down on every block. Gangster interactions became an everyday occurrence, with gangland shootings dominating news headlines from NYC’s finest hotels, speakeasies, and mysterious sidewalks. Although the activity has since quieted down… it’s still alive, whether you want to believe it or not.

Best NYC Gangsters & Ghosts Tour

Our customized, historically enriched gangster tour will cover much of the history behind these famed murders, while we take you through the modern day haunted crime scene locations that are still frequented by the famous actors.

Do you believe in ghosts of gangsters past?

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NYC Gangsters & Ghosts Tour Prices

Senior (65+)
Adult (18-64)
Youth (7-17)
Child (0-6)

Kids permitted; children under 6-years-old go free

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NYC Gangster Tour – Ready to learn about NYC’s haunted past?
Three tours run daily at 11 AM, 3PM, and 8 PM
One of the best ways to really acquaint yourself with the infamous city of Manhattan is to do it from the streets, through a guided NYC Gangster Tour or Ghost Tour, detailing the crimes, deals, and charisma that made the city what it is today.

We offer a 2 for 1 deal, hosting historically-based guided tours of NYC’s gangsters AND ghost stories, right from where it all happened!

When: 11 AM, 3 PM, and 8 PM Daily
Where: Five Points, China Town, Little Italy & The West Village
Meeting Location: The Five Points: 24 Mulberry St., New York, NY 10013
What: Guided Gangster AND Ghost Stories Tour
How Long: 2 Hours
Length: 1.2 Mile

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Best NYC Gangster and Ghost Tour

We proudly host a 2-hour, 1.2-mile walking guided tour that explores the gangsters and ghosts of NYC’s past in the neighborhoods where it all took place! Learn about NYC’s Gangster and Ghost History while cutting across Manhattan’s infamous districts such as The Five Points, Chinatown, Little Italy and The West Village. In the 19th and 20th centuries these areas were known shady partying, deal-making, and threats, riddled with speakeasy saloons, secret underground tunnels used by bootleggers, and the famous Gangsters of NYC’s Past. The tour takes place where the understanding and depiction of the 20th century gangster began.

Guests will have the rare opportunity to visit these heralded haunted locations and old crime scenes where it all went down over 100-years ago.

Hosted by historians, it is not a theatrical guided tour; rather, the stories are told in a more intimate, historical setting that really paints a picture for guests into NYC’s past. Spooky, real tales of the ghosts and gangsters of NYC’s street will be shared along the tour route as the group stops at each famous location.

Family friendly and accommodating in nature, the tour makes frequent stops with a refreshment and restroom break.

Notable NYC Gangster Tour stops include:

  • The Five Points
  • China Town
  • Little Italy
  • Washington Square Park
  • The West Village

Don’t forget to bring your camera… you never know when you might see a ghost!

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